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Welcome to Purposeful Family Living

The art of recapturing younger times.
Here at Bright Oaks, our Family Members live each day like it matters. Because it does. We live a life rich with social interaction, mental stimulation, and personal growth in a community of people who have similar interests—a vibrant life full of new experiences and lasting memories with their new Family Members. We call it Purposeful Family Living. We strive to live the life that we always wanted but have not yet had time to experience—or continue living the exciting and rejuvenating life that we have enjoyed and make more memories.

A meaningful life through Purposeful Family Living.
The Bright Oaks concept of Purposeful Family Living can only be accomplished with the right environment. That environment starts with the people. Living at Bright Oaks doesn’t mean being a “resident”—it means becoming a member of a multi-generational family living in a householdwith others who feel the same way about life as they do.

We believe Purposeful Family Living can slow age-related decline and sometimes even reverse some of its effects by reminding our members that life is good, living is exciting, and we all have an obligation to live life to the fullest. Our approach to living is based on scientific evidence that shows higher quality of life comes from social stimulation and engagement, not medication and isolation.