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Bright Oaks is not a hotel, nor is it a nursing home to house the elderly. It is literally a large, living community of households and neighborhoods where many people come together to form a team, or family, comprised of exceptional people of all ages.

Some people come here to live as “Family Members”, while others come to work as “Extended Family Members” of that same family. Young at heart and younger, they all have stories to tell and all have love, care and support to give. The younger, Extended Family Members are equipped with more capable bodies, so they can offer the physical assistance that Family Members may need. The Family Members are expected to take the younger members under their wings, share with them their wisdom and experiences and help them improve in all aspects of life. Everyone in the family has a role of give and takeā€”and it makes for one big, happy family.

All Bright Oaks members live as families in neighborhoods. This comes with certain social responsibilities, just as with one’s own relatives. Both Family and Extended Family Members pledge to live together by a set of personal and family values that are signed by all members.