We are looking for a few very special people, with a large capacity for love, passion for humanity, and desire to learn and grow, to experience life, and contribute to our family-style environment. To learn more about positions available at Bright Oaks of Aurora, see below.

Is Bright Oaks right for you? Living or working in a Bright Oaks neighborhood is a choice, an intentional move into a lifestyle of engagement with others that is unlike any other.

Are you right for Bright Oaks? We are looking for people who love and respect older adults, value and cherish them. If you want to have fun at work, be part of a family that cares, have a growing career in a progressive company and be around people that love you—then we’d very much love to meet you.

Opportunities to join Bright Oaks as an “Extended Family Member” (employee) are available! If you are interested in joining our family, please forward your resume to

Your first test is to NOT CALL! It is not Bright Oaks practice to give status updates by phone. If we are interested we will contact you via email. Pass this initial test, and you complete the first requirement to join our compassionate, caring, and FUN Bright Oaks Family.

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Hair Stylist / Salon Manager
Certified Nursing Assistant