Bright Oaks Lifestyle

The Bright Oaks community isn’t a building that warehouses the elderly. We’re a collection of households comprised of exceptional people of all ages. It’s an extended family that creates a very special social fabric within a setting that facilitates the life we desire. We have two unique households within Assisted Independence that will be named by the Family Members that live there. We also have two neighborhoods within New Journeys; Champion’s Court, the more social neighborhood, and Liberty Court, for members who prefer a calmer and more serene setting.

Our loving Bright Oaks families.
Our surroundings are beautiful, but it’s the people living here who make it a home—Family Members and the younger Extended Family Members living with them, sharing history and experiences in a loving, family environment.

Each family in each neighborhood lives together, works together, and plays together. They cherish friends and family and friendships yet to be made. As you become part of a neighborhood family and share your experiences, you enrich the lives of all around you and make each day better than the day before.