Assisted Living that fosters Independence.

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Assisted Living that fosters Independence.

As we age, our bodies become less capable and sometimes need assistance doing things that used to be easy. At Bright Oaks, we have the perfect solution—we call it Assisted Independence, with the emphasis on Independence.

With Assisted Independence, our Family Members don’t have to give up control of their lives. With a little help from their Bright Oaks friends and family, they can still do all the things they want to and even a few more. In other words, at Bright Oaks we’re here to help people make life happen and to achieve all their dreams with the support of their household Family Members.

Assisted Independence amenities.
We offer Assisted Independence Master Suites configured in studio and one-bedroom designs—each with a large, private bath featuring a curbless shower and a kitchenette with microwave, sink, and mini-refrigerator. These Master Suites allow the desired independence and privacy, but also offer technology that allows the Family Member immediate access to assistance at times when they need it.

Assisted Independence Family Members are invited to participate in various Family Advisory Councils that customize daily life in ways Family Members determine for themselves. These councils help define a household’s activities, social events, food choices, outings, volunteer opportunities, and more—and work with the rest of the family to ensure satisfaction and quality at the highest level. Without the participation and leadership of the family members, life would be boring as only they know what is best for them and what makes them happy. They are not only the drivers of the bus, but also the guide, navigator, and the ones that decide where they go, what they eat, what they do, and how they enjoy life. After all, it is their life.