Assisted Independence Activities

Family Members decide most activities at Bright Oaks of Aurora. All Family Members have to do is tell us what activities and experiences they’d like to have and we will take it from there.   What do you like to do? Teach knitting? Play bridge? Love to cook? Help us help you do something you’ll enjoy, or have always wanted to do. We love to make it happen.

In addition, we offer unique activities to ensure a balance of the 7 Dimensions of Wellness: Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Career, Intellectual, Environmental, and Social.

Assisted Independence Family Members can choose to participate in various Honey Do Activity Committees that customize their environment in the direction set by the Family Members themselves. These committees help define activities, social events, food choices, outings, volunteering, etc.  In addition, we have daily Bistro Buddies Meetings and a monthly Family Advisory Council for family members to share ideas and choose activities that further defines the culture of their home.  To learn more about our Honey Do Activity Committees, click here.           

We partner with local businesses in our community such as veterans groups, libraries, spiritual groups, and animal shelters to offer specialized activity programs in our building.  Click here for a list of partners and programs offered.

New Journeys Memory Care Activities.
Our New Journeys Activity Program encompasses the 7 Dimensions of Wellness: Intellectual, Social, Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Environmental, and Vocational.  We include specialized therapeutic programs such as Animal Assisted Therapy, Art Therapy, Music Therapy and Aromatherapy in to our monthly activity programs.  Click here for more information about therapeutic programs.

A typical day is comprised of a morning intellectual, physical, and social program,   an afternoon emotional, social, and intellectual program, and an evening social, spiritual, or physical program.  Time is allocated for small and large group activities, individual leisure pursuits, and 1:1 engagement programs.

As a family, we experience and live life as it happens by talking and interacting, learning about each other, playing games, going on bus outings, celebrating birthdays and holidays, doing light housekeeping tasks, and just being together.

View our Sample New Journeys Monthly Events of the Day here.