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We are proud to announce that as of March 1, 2019, Bright Oaks of Aurora, is under new ownership and management. As such, we would like to take this time to discuss our vision for Bright Oaks going forward. We are committed to providing a warm, caring and nurturing environment that respects the dignity of our residents. We have seen online comments regarding Bright Oaks, many positive and a few negative, but all equally important. We have heard your messages and we will ensure that both management and staff are and remain committed to ensuring that all of our residents and their loved one’s will have only positive experiences at Bright Oaks. Our management has a motto, “would I want my parents to live in such a place?”, and we have set out to make Bright Oaks into a place where we would be happy to see our own parents. This is our commitment to our residents and their loved ones.

A message from the Executive Director of Bright Oaks

A message from Kendra M. Johnson, the Executive Director of Bright Oaks.
I want to extend a warm welcome to our residents, future residents and their families and loved ones from the staff at Bright Oaks of Aurora. As you may know, we are under new ownership and management and we are moving forward with exciting changes for the benefit of all our residents. I know that sometimes when people talk about change, those words may ring hollow as no actual change is being implemented, I want to assure you that this is not how our new management team functions. We back up our words and promises and our promise to our residents is that we will always strive to exceed your expectations.

We are building a culture of values and respect, a culture whose foundation is steeped in the dedication of our ownership, management and staff to ensure that our residents are treated with the honor and dignity that they deserve. Our daily mission is to provide our residents with a caring environment that respects the diverse aspects of your individual life experiences. We understand that you have much to offer and much to experience and we are honored to be there to experience with you, the beauty that life has to offer no matter what your age.

We will share life’s moments with you, the joyful and the sad, this is your home and we are part of your family, we will laugh with you and sometimes we may cry with you and we will always respect your story, your journey and your individuality. We will celebrate holidays, events and occasions approaching each day with a commitment to revel in the beauty of life, the value of life and the value of the individual.

For the family and loved ones of our memory care residents, we understand that you are entrusting with the care of your loved in a time that is difficult for you and for them. Please be assured that we will always approach the care of your loved ones as a sacred duty. We are being entrusted with their daily lives and we will always show them the respect that they deserve, this respect is not limited to curtesy or politeness, it is more than that, it is engaging the resident, giving them time and attention, listening to their stories and providing comfort and caring. We will work with you and listen to your advice and suggestions so that we, as a team, may give the best care for your loved ones.

I want to thank everyone for putting their trust in us, and as the Director of Bright Oaks, I promise you that my team will always work daily to keep earning that trust.


Both Family and Extended Family Members pledge to live together by a set of personal and family values that are signed by all members.

These are the values we practice in our daily interactions between Family Members.
These are the values that personify the Bright Oaks Family Member.